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Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) have always been cornerstones of our Bank’s values. Our Board of Directors has tasked the DEI team to report quarterly on progress. Several of our key initiatives include: 

  • Diversifying our team and leadership – As of our most recent survey; 18.4% of employees self-identified as Asian, 8% as Black/African American, 21% as Hispanic/Latino and 11% Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander. In addition, 58% of our employees self-identify as female and 50% of our c-level team are female. We are working to better diversify our Board.
  • Taking the lead on supporting underrepresented businesses – We have and continue to participate in multiple government-sponsored lending program – such as the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), California’s Small Business Loan Guarantee Program and the Main Street Lending Program. We have also created our own Small Loan Program, designed to focus on small businesses and those in low-moderate income census tracts with streamlined processes to make securing loans easier.
  • Accelerating the Bank’s paid volunteer program – Our team presents financial literacy seminars at a local community college and plan to expand the program by partnering with nonprofit organizations to support underserved school districts and communities.
  • Expanding the Bank’s internship program – Increase the benefits provided to college students of diverse and underrepresented backgrounds.

We are proud of the steps we have taken, and are honored by the progress we have empowered diverse and underrepresented groups to make. We are committed to continuously improving the reach and effectiveness of our programs – and we intend to do precisely that!